FEElings project

Feelings was an exhibition project based on a relationship and 7 feelings. The aim is to get people to reflect about feelings in the contemporary world.

I brought to life a storytelling that portrays the different phases of a relationship. Expressed through various types of art, from sculpting to photography, dance and video. All with one common element: a cactus.

I defied people to go to the exhibition and to take a challenge: match 7 pictures with 7 texts that represent each feeling. Based on the final results, I left the end of the story in the guests' hands.

feelings 2.jpg

Creative and Art Direction // André Santos

Photography // André Santos / Ana Júlia F.S.

Makeup Artist // Ana Júlia F.S. / Daniella Alsopp / Inês Marcos

Writers // Hipno D / Maze / MC Ary / Mundo Segundo

São One Art / Strata G / Xhafan

Models // Afonso Soares / Beatriz Silva / Catarina Rocha

Inês Marcos / Inês Marcos / Filipa Pinto / Pedro Alves

Film // Homeless

Music // Kidonov / Tayob J